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Finally, a POS without the double entendre.

The World’s First and Only Social POS & Mobile Order Pay Platform

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Break Up with Your POS

Get more guests

Get more guests

Attracting new customers by sending coupons, discounts, etc. in real time.

Customize marketing based on guest preferences, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.

Get more orders with higher margins

Get more orders with higher margins

Social sharing, up to 10% of guests send / receive social.

Avg. Check increased by 28%

Get more repeat customers

Get more repeat customers

Leverage data about my guests to inform decisions.

Increase repeat customers by 22%

Want to keep your POS?

Find out how to integrate CHEQ here.

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Easy to Learn

No Time for Training? No Problem.

CHEQ-REGISTER™ was created for high-volume, high-pressure environments where long staff training sessions are not practical or possible. The intuitive interface ensures that staff can learn to use the equipment within minutes to keep the line moving.

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Honest Pricing

Say “no” to clunky and expensive POS systems.

Ditch expensive POS systems that come with rental fees, equipment surcharges, and other hidden costs by switching to CHEQ-Register™. Unlike other predatory POS platforms, CHEQ-Register™ is free and easy to install and use. We make our money by taking the standard payment processing fee with no reduction to your bottom line.

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Real Time Updates

Last Minute Changes? We’ve Got You Covered

With CHEQ-REGISTER™, designated staff can 86 items with a few easy clicks. You can update your ordering system in seconds. The customer-facing screens and mobile app will all update in real time.

Introducing Mobile-Order Pay

Seamlessly integrate with your existing POS or use ours
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Serve more customers

Experience higher table turns with mobile

Mobile ordering accelerates your restaurant - translating to more sales for you. CHEQ restaurants have found an average 10 minutes faster table turns, nearly one additional table per hour; making the most of your high-occupancy periods.

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Increase Order Size

Mobile customers spend more

Customers that use mobile ordering spend an average of 28% more per ticket. In-app upselling and add-ons increase ticket size without pressure or stigma.

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Cover More Tables

Super-charge and empower your staff

Staff can serve more tables, faster and earn higher tips. Owners can save 30-35% labor costs by integrating mobile ordering into their offerings.