Your POS is basic.
Turn your fans into stans with CHEQ.

The World’s First and Only Fan-Facing Social POS & Mobile Order Platform

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Turning Fans into Superfans

Attract New Fans to the Stadium

Attract New Fans to the Stadium

Reach casual fans through our social community.

Capture new transactions from fans outside the stadium in real time.

Increase F&B and Merchandise Revenue

Increase F&B and Merchandise Revenue

Drive incremental sales by decreasing line wait times.

Increase sales by an average of 28% using self-service kiosks that making ordering fast and easy.

Provide upselling opportunities in real time by converting emotional experiences.

Reduce Labor Costs

Reduce Labor Costs

Leverage self-service ordering to increase concessionaire output.

Optimize efficiencies by focusing on fulfillment, not order taking.

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Build a Social Community

No Time for Training? No Problem.

CHEQ-REGISTER™ was created for high-volume, high-pressure environments where long staff training sessions are not practical or possible. The intuitive interface ensures that staff can learn to use the equipment within minutes to keep the line moving.

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Ease of use / easy to learn

Say “no” to clunky and expensive POS systems.

Ditch expensive POS systems that come with rental fees, equipment surcharges, and other hidden costs by switching to CHEQ-Register™. Unlike other predatory POS platforms, CHEQ-Register™ is free and easy to install and use. We make our money by taking the standard payment processing fee with no reduction to your bottom line.

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Honest pricing (free hardware, no monthly fees)

With CHEQ-REGISTER™, designated staff can 86 items with a few easy clicks. You can update your ordering system in seconds. The customer-facing screens and mobile app will all update in real time.

Introducing Mobile-Order Pay

Seamlessly integrate with your existing POS or use ours
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Boost F&B and Retail Sales

Increase average ticket size by 28% per transaction.

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Boost Ordering & Labor Efficiencies

Increase order speeds by 250% and decrease labor costs by 50% (1 concessionaire can do the job of 2 workers).

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Reduce Lines

Decrease concession wait times by 30+ minutes.

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